This site is dedicated to text Art, or ASCII art and you will only find text in french with the exception of comments in the arts. As example : The ASCII comic of NerdBoy.

In searching on the net, you will find many site of ASCII Art in your language.

In all case that I know, the signature of the artist will always be included.
If one of your art is represented here without it, please contact me and it be my pleasure to add it.

I was not an ASCII artist, but have been following that art from before the advent of the internet, on BBS. On a few occasion, I may have written to a few here and there.

I had in 2000 to 2005 a site called VotreZone,com dedicated to ASCII Art, which you can view in the Archive.org.
You can view the version of february 2003 here :
Since 1999, this site was also a ASCII Art FAQ site.

Now, if you are one of these artist from that time and would like to hear from you and may be add a small text of your experience in being an artist. Please write to me.
I would also love to keep the testimony of some of you, who were involved in this art.


Ce texte est pour la communauté anglophone seulement et ne sera pas traduit.
This page is only in english communauty and will not be translated in french.